Boston Launches New Online Outlet Store

Are you looking for a bargain on brand new bedding? Well, I have a treat for you...I am very proud to be launching the Boston Duvet & Pillow Co. Outlet!

From our home in the heart of the UK at Boston, Lincolnshire, we make loads and loads of different kinds of bedding. Duvets in all ranges of togs and sizes, pillows stuffed with different fillings and mattress covers that add layers of comfort.

Launching initially with a range of excess factory stock, you can pick up cheap bedding at a fraction of the price and much more conveniently than travelling to stores! 

Recently, we came to realise that this perfectly great bedding would be perfect for lots of different people. Maybe you’re expecting guests who are only staying for a short while or you just need an extra set of bedding to have on hand in case of emergency (duvet dens count as an emergency, we checked).

This is why we decided to build our Online Outlet Store. A place where you can pick up perfectly good bedding for whatever reason you need (duvet den); what’s more, you can get it for a fraction of the cost compared to buying it elsewhere.

So, take a look around and see if you can find the perfect bargain on new brand bedding for you.