Stop counting sheep

Wool bedding is slowly taking over the countries homes, but what is the fuss really all about?

Here at Boston we’ve noticed that our wool bedding lines sell out in the blink of an eye. They’ve proved to be some of our most popular items on our Outlet, appearing for only a small amount of time before every last one is snapped up by eager customers keen to stop counting sheep and simply get some more sleep. There are some definite pros to giving wool bedding a whirl, but not everyone knows them. That’s why we’ve decided to take some time to create an easy and concise guide that gets to the bottom of why everyone’s going baaaarmy over this natural alternative.


  • Temperature regulating

Allow us to explain. Just as wool keeps sheep on the hills warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer, it will do exactly the same for you too. It’s natural properties mean it is able to keep you at an ideal temperature, eliminating the need to have seasonal duvets. It’s the ultimate ‘all rounder’. This also means that there is no need for a to rating when it comes to wool duvets, so shopping for your new bedding is only made easier. It is also safe to tuck your child up with wool cot bedding as you can sleep soundly knowing they are not going to get too hot or too warm, they’ll be just right!


  • British farming

Our farming history is rich and one to be proud of. The wool industry, in particular, has battled through harsh times affecting mainly family run businesses. With wool sources all over the world to compete with, this is a great opportunity to show some British spirit and switch to wool in support of our farmers (all while enjoying the many benefits!). The more support we can give them, the less need there is for more unethical wool practices involving traumatic sheering for the sheep and angora wool from farmed rabbits. Boston is all about ethical treatment of animals, therefore we are Woolmark accredited and use an auditing body that ensures all of our wool comes from happy sheep.

  • Machine washable

Despite preconceptions, you may be interested to discover that wool can certainly be machine washed, rather easily actually. The majority of wool products have been treated in an unharmful way that allows them to become fully washable and long lasting. We advise customers to beware of anywhere claiming to see untreated wool, as after a few washes the filling will begin to clump and bunch. After washing your duvet, give it a thorough air dry or a low heat spin in your tumble dryer; it will be good as new.

We’ve been asked a few times about any smell that washing wool may cause, however, you’ll be pleased to know that this should not happen. As long as the product is dried correctly it should provide you with the same ‘washed bedding’ smell, just like any other product would, so you can enjoy your first night in your freshly washed bed that little bit extra.

  • Hypoallergenic

 Fear not, allergy sufferers! It is highly unlikely that you will have a reaction to wool bedding, unlike feather and down options which leave many sleepers with a nasty case of the sniffles. People who have a genuine allergy relating to wool are actually allergic to lanolin, the oil found in wool which is washed out of most woollen products to go into hand creams, lip balms and moisturisers.

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  • You will simply get better sleep

Did you know that one of the main causes of broken sleep is down to temperature? Waking up with the shivers or a case of the sweats is a common occurrence, so naturally having a duvet that eliminates this will also lead to a better quality of sleep. Scientific studies have “shown that sleeping with wool bedding helps you gain 25% more deep regenerative sleep when compared to other bedding types, this means more stage 4 and 5 sleep which is important for health and cell regeneration, as well as an overall feeling of being well rested in the morning”.

If this hasn’t convinced you to convert then we don’t know what will! Better sleep and happy sheep, what more could we ask for. If you’re interested it giving it a go, we try to stock wool items on our outlet as much as possible which means you can feed your curiosity at a bargain price.