We don’t mind whether you call it a duvet or a quilt (some people even call them “covers”), we just want to make sure you have a warm and cosy night’s sleep. That’s why we have worked ourselves like dogs to build such an impressive range of quilts/duvets.

From 1 Tog, for those particularly hot nights to 15 Tog, for when it’s as cold as Antarctica and you need a comfy alternative to sleeping in all of your clothes - we can make sure that you are as warm and comfortable as you want to be when you go to bed.

Looking for a natural fill?

We have a lovely selection of Natural filled duvets, each of which are packed full of lovely Duck and/or Goose Feather & Down or filled with Wool. If you prefer to sleep under a natural product, the more down content in a duvet, the lighter it feels, whilst still retaining the warmth.

Looking for an Anti-Allergy Duvet?

Suffering from allergies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Safer Sleep Duvets are endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation and our anti-allergen technology deters dustmites, banishes bacteria and alleviates asthma. It’s been used in hospitals for over 40 years, so we’re pretty sure it’s up to the task.

Prefer a lighter duvet?

If you are looking for something a little lighter, but still just as warm, you should look at our Synthetic Filled Products. Using our years of research and technical knowhow, we have made some of the lightest yet warmest quilts that are packed full of science words like “polyester”, “hollowfibre” and “microfibre”. They are amazing insulators and we have them in a range of Tog ratings.

Jack Russell puppy climbing rolled up quilt