Common Sleep Myths Busted by Boston

As a part of my quest to make sure you get a really great night’s sleep, I have sniffed out a lot of sleep myths that people need to stop believing. This way you can jump into bed armed with nothing but the facts and some really great bedding!

Sleep is for the weak:

In today’s fast-paced society, people wear a lack of sleep like some strange badge of honour. You will hear politicians and businesspeople alike claiming that their success is due to only getting 4 hours sleep a night. These people are not as bright as they make out. Sleep plays a massive part in your health and mental well-being, too little of it can lead to memory problems and huge health issues later on in life.

I’ll catch up at the weekend:

All of us, at one time or another, has been guilty of this. There’s a big presentation on for work or there’s loads of housework to do (or you really need to see how that TV series ends!). So you stay up a little bit later, thinking you can just sleep in on the weekend. This is not how sleep deprivation works, there is no such thing as a “sleep debt” that you can pay back with a lie in on Sunday. The constant lack of sleep accumulates in damage to your body. Don’t worry, you can reverse some of the effects by maintaining a good sleep pattern.

I sleep much better after a drink:

I don’t mean a warm glass of milk (although, that would be delicious right now). Many people are under the mistaken belief that a nightcap will help them drift off and get a great night’s sleep. The truth is that, while it is easier to fall asleep after an alcoholic beverage, you don’t get good quality sleep. Your brain can’t go through the normal sleep cycles it needs to, which is why you wake up feeling extra tired after one too many…

I need the TV on to drift off:

The lights and sounds coming out of your TV screen, computer or tablet screen can have a massive effect on your sleep pattern. Blue light affects your body’s production of sleep and wake hormones while the noises disturb you while you sleep. If you really need to watch something in bed, put a sleep timer on so it doesn’t stay awake while you’re fast asleep. Or you can invest in a white noise machine to send you to sleep.

I’ll set my alarm a bit earlier and just press snooze:

Even though some people don’t even manage to do the “setting the alarm earlier” part, we’ve all pressed the snooze button and closed our eyes for “5 more minutes”. We need to stop doing this as it is useless for us. 5 minutes of sleep isn’t nearly enough time to get back into your sleep cycles and your morning cycle of awake/asleep/awake/asleep/awake/get up just makes you feel twice as tired throughout the day.

Once and for all, let’s put these “facts” to bed and get a great night’s sleep.

Night night!

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