Weird sleep habits of the rich and famous

Ever wondered how the worlds wealthiest get some shut eye? We've delved into some of the unconventional night time habits of the stars and have concluded that we're very jealous of their lifestyles. Who else could get away with being such a diva?!

Everyone has their quirky sleep habits, even the rich and famous. While some may conceal their bed time routine, others seem more open to sharing the do’s and don’t that keep them rested.

It’s rumoured that Mariah Carey gets a whopping 15 hours sleep a night (talk about a lay in!) and sleeps with an air humidifier in her room as it’s ‘good for her vocal chords’. The average adult only needs between 7-9 hours, but each to their own we say. However, for those of us in a regular 9-5 job, this may not be a practical solution for curing those baggy eyes.

Kim reportedly even travels with one of her favorite pillows
Kim, travelling with her favorite pillow

Reality queen, Kim Kardashian, has continually shared her night time struggles on social media, including back and necks pains that she often suffers after sleeping. She has been on the quest to test out every pillow solution imaginable as well as splashing out thousands on memory foam mattresses. Her current favourites appear to be by Casper and Talalay; we assume she hasn’t tried Boston’s yet then! 

Blue light emitted by tech has been proven to stimulate our brains and prolong the wind down process before a nights sleep. It’s advised that we cut ties with all screens a hours before bed time and perhaps try a more relaxing activity instead, such as reading or drawing. Eminem has reportedly taken heed to this advice as he does not sleep with any tech in the room. More strangely, he apparently also wraps tin foil around the blinds in hotels to reflect and extra UV light that could find it’s way in. This seems a little extreme, but we can’t knock the man for taking his sleep seriously.

Even more bizarrely, Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps sleeps at 8,000 feet every night! After discovering that he bounced back from workouts better when he trained at altitude, he began sleeping in a specially developed chamber that mimics similar levels of pressure. He said the chamber looked like a fish tank: “Imagine, like, a bed with a box around it.” We certainly call this dedication…


No wonder Richard is out of bed so early...

If you’re one of the many who struggle to get a long nights sleep, fear not, we have a fact that may make you feel a little better. Many of the   worlds   most successful figures, past and present, got/get less then the recommended 8 hours a night. Influential people such as Barack   Obama, Richard   Branson, Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill are all reported to be around the  5-6 hours a night mark; maybe we’re   missing a trick? Branson   says he wakes up at 5am every day after his seemingly short snooze ,however, how can we blame him when the life of a multi millionaire awaits?!

 Clearly, we all tick differently and each individual will have their own habits and routines before hitting the hay. Sleep is such a crucial part of our lives which dictates how our day may go, so we say do whatever works for you, whether than be lighting a scented candle or sleeping upside down.