About Boston, Lincolnshire

Welcome to beautiful Boston, Lincolnshire.

Boston is not just the place where I get my name, it is a lovely, historical town with plenty of things to see and do and places to go.

Boston is still home to some historical landmarks which stand proud, I've been to them all and I thought I would bring back some information about them all. Maybe it will convince you to come and see me!

The Stump

One of the most noticeable landmarks of Boston is the Saint Botolph's Parochial Church of Boston, also known as "The Stump": It is one of the largest parish churches in the whole of England and that tower you see on the picture is one of the tallest Medieval towers in England. The tower is 272 feet 6 inches (83.06 m) high! That's approximately 272 1/2 of me.​

Boston at The Stump tower

Boston at Maud Foster Windmill

Maud Foster Windmill

This seven-story windmill has been stood in Skirbeck since 1819. It stands at 80ft (24.38m) from the base to the ball cap on top of the tower. 

It cost an amazing £1,826 10s -6d to make, you can even see the original contract here.

Today, you can still go to the mill and watch the sails turn, then go inside and buy any number of souvenirs as well as grabbing your own bag of flour.

Port of Boston

Because of where Boston sits, on an estuary with easy access to the sea, it became a major port throughout history. Not only would they import and export a range of goods, it was also a place where traders from across the world would come to sell exotic and exciting things. We still have the May Fair to celebrate this.

Since the middle ages, people would come from far and wide to buy and sell, this later became an actual fair with rides and things. It's a lot of fun!


Boston at Port of Boston