5 Ways to Make Getting Up Easier

What if I told you there was a way to make the getting out of bed in a morning easier? In fact, you may even start to enjoy getting up!

There are just 5 things you can do on a morning which softens the blow of having to put your foot on the floor and escape your cocoon.

1.     H2Whoa!

Before you jump into bed, pour a nice glass of water and put it on your bedside table ready for when you wake up. Drinking a lovely, refreshing glass of water as soon as you wake up can do wonders for your brain and body.

Think about it, if I asked you to not drink anything for the next 8 hours, you would be a little grouchy at the idea, but while you’re asleep for 8 hours, you won’t have had a drink either (unless you’re a thirsty sleepwalker). You need to rehydrate yourself!

That glass of water also wakes up your metabolism and helps to give you a boost of energy. Not to mention that concentrating on not pouring it all over your horizontal, drowsy body is a great way to wake your brain up…

2. Put Your Alarm Out of Arm’s Reach...

Ah, pressing snooze. Life’s pause button. A solitary arm reaches out from under the duvet and you can put it all on hold for 10 minutes. Get those extra few moments of sleep. It can’t hurt, can it?

Yes, it can. Instead of getting extra sleep, what you’re actually doing is trading good quality sleep for a few minutes of shut eye. Now you know this, make it a little bit harder to press that tempting little button. Put your alarm somewhere you will still hear it, but you have to physically move to turn off. When your alarm jolts you awake, your first instinct will be to turn it off. Use this instinct and you will out of bed before you know it.

3. Stretch it Out...

Are you a procrasti-waker? Are you one of those slumberers who lays in bed in the morning with your eyes wide open, but you still refuse to get out of bed? There’s a cure for that.

Instead of battling with yourself and trying to convince yourself that you need to get up (when the minutes end with a 5 or 0) have a lovely long stretch. Really go for it. Stretch and twist your arms, splay your legs out and point your toes. Reach up to the ceiling as high as you can. Until you try it, you will never appreciate just how good it feels. Once you’ve had a good stretch and woken up your body, getting out of bed won’t seem like such a giant leap.

4. Ignore the Emails...

We all do it; we wake up and the first thing we do? Check our phones. We read emails, answer text messages and surf the web. While this seems like a good idea at the time, what it actually does is restructure your priorities.

When you wake up, your main objective is to get up and get started with your day. This should mean you wash, eat, get dressed and get ready to head to work. If you start your day with work, you trick yourself into thinking you have already met your objective.

Not only that but “just 5 minutes” of checking emails can easily turn into 30 minutes of “just one more article and then I’ll get up.” Leave the phone alone until you’re dressed and ready to go.

5. Believe in Yourself...

The hardest part of getting out of bed at an orderly pace is convincing yourself that you can do it. There are loads of things that can hold us back; the idea that 10 minutes more won’t hurt, worrying we’re going to be ready too early and have time on our hands or just thinking you can’t get up early.

Before you go to sleep, think to yourself that you can get up. Write down a plan of things you would like to accomplish in the morning. It can be anything; a certain number of exercises, trying out a new hairstyle or even just seeing if you can do it. Give yourself an incentive to get up and believe you can do it.

Another trick to make it easier to get up in the future is to start getting up early now. Instead of putting it off, rip off the duvet and jump out of bed. Think about it, no rushing about, you won’t forget your breakfast and you won’t stagger into work looking like a zombie. Just because you gave yourself those 10 minutes to actually get ready.

See, just 5 small tips and next thing you know, you’re a morning person. Unless like me where it’s acceptable to stay in bed all day. Until it’s time for walkies…