5 Reasons To Let Your Dog on the Bed

Did you know, when 23 thousand humans were asked if they’d share their sacred bed with their pooch, almost a half said yes? To those people, me and my canine chums would like to thank you.

To the rest of you, here are 5 reasons why I think you should reconsider and let me hop up under the duvet!

We’re really cuddly

Look how cute we are! We’re covered in fur and really warm. Like an all-night hot water bottle, we’re the perfect antidote to those colder nights. Dogs don’t start off unbearably warm, nor do we go cold in the morning. Just a constant, comfortable, cuddly temperature.

Sleep Sound and Secure

What was that noise? Is someone breaking in? Is there a ghost? Who knows? Your dog, that’s who knows! Good luck to the person, critter or ghoul that tries to sneak around my snuggle buddy. I’ll bark until the entire street wakes up, if necessary! So sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that nothing gets past me.

Natural Stress Relief

Universities, workplaces and many more environments are seeing how much benefit having a furry friend around can bring. To alleviate stress and anxiety, dog petting rooms are being set up during exam periods, and places like Google HQ lets people bring their dogs into work!

If you toss and turn at night worrying about the day ahead, rest your hand on my head and you’ll feel that worry melt away.

Never Be Late Again 

When it’s time for me to wake up, it’s time for you to wake up. I can’t open the door on my own, so you have to get up and let me out. Now look, you’re up and ready to get a start on the day! Enjoy a delightful breakfast, a nice long shower, read the newspaper, walk to work; the world is your oyster!

Because We Like It

When you come home from a long day of work, who’s there to greet you with lots of love, a wagging tail and a great big smile? When you’re sat on the sofa and you want some company, who’s there to jump on your knee and hang out? Who makes sure you don’t overindulge when you have too much food on your plate?

We love doing so many little things for you, so why not pay it back with a space in your luxuriously comfortable bed?

So scootch over, just a little. Because I’m ready for a nap.